Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our network of teaching resources, as well as foreign universities, and foreign language teaching and training center, with foreign agents directly in the local recruitment of talent and so on. There are also a number of friends recommended each other among the teachers.
New teachers usually need to find at least a month, so the sooner the school with us to determine the demand, the more able to ensure the source of teachers.

In addition to special circumstances, the company will recommend schools with at least one year outside the school signed. In this year, foreign teachers will be stable, happy, the school students to teach. Stable teacher, can the degree of the student has been brought up.

Depending on the type of school contract, please contact or stay in the information, such as the Company to call back.

In addition, we specialize in curriculum design, can be a comprehensive design for your needs, in addition to the division, we are specialized in different types of institutions, can be customized a variety of long, medium and short courses.

Yes, please contact or leave information, such as the Company to call back.

We hope to give more services to the school, so we will first find suitable for the main object. Of course, if the school does not feel the need to cooperate with the company, we will refund according to contract.

The Company is well aware of the small and medium-sized remedial classes in Taiwan are often no extra manpower training new foreign teachers, so the company has a set of a new system of training courses. As long as the school notice, we can help the training of foreign teachers; the same time, we can go to the cram school classes for teachers in need of help to individual training.

Yes, the company in English teaching for many years, a variety of materials are quite familiar with. As long as you open out the demand, we can meet.

In addition to English, there are talents in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic and so on.

As long as we find the teacher, we can charge d'affaires. If you need a simple charge d'affaires, please call consultation fees.

We are currently the most customers to Taitung, so all over Taiwan.

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