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Tom-Carinton Tabi , Swaziland

Thank you dearly for taking me in when you didn't even know who I was, and holding me through every step this far when things are filling into place and I'm settling in.  I'm truly honoured and this is just a message of acknowledgement.. I'm honestly appreciative beyond words... I wish I knew more actions to show it. ❤ I have got my bank account running and work permit application has just been submitted so in a few weeks it should be out. I can't stop praying and giving thanks for you Sandra.  You are the Angels amongst humans that they write about in stories.  Xièxiè ni King 👑


Robbie Wiggins , USA

Moving to a foreign country can be scary - it's highly likely you don't know the language or have any contacts to help navigate such a new, and what can be an overwhelming, experience.  That's where Sandra comes in.  She and her team provide invaluable support and insight to make the process of assimilating into both teaching and living abroad much, much easier.  Not only are Sandra and her team rock stars at landing great, and steady, teaching gigs, but they are just rock star human beings.  If you're looking to teach in TaoYuan, or the surrounding area, you would be crazy not to contact them.  They're simply the best.


Lorcan O’Hara , Ireland

I was teaching in Taiwan on a working holiday visa, and I can honestly say that Sandra and her team really helped me to find and secure a job. Sandra had a massive impact  in making my time in Taiwan very enjoyable as she was able to help me to find full time work very soon after I began working with her. Sandra and her team are very professional, honest and great people to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sandra to help any teachers who are struggling to find work. It really was a great experience working with her throughout my time in Taipei and I wish her all the best in the future.


Brooke Caroline Duffield , New Zealand

Hi Sandra, Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you did for me and for helping me get the job -- it was a really nice group of people to work for/with and everything went very smoothly, which doesn't always happen when you work overseas! So thank you very much, I really appreciate all the help you gave me.


Dane Mills , Canada

I came to Taiwan without having a job offer first, but had quite a few interviews lined up for when I arrived. Many of the schools I interviewed at were either in the middle of nowhere or they expected unpaid work. I contacted Sandra through a friend, and within days I was working a solid schedule, and the classes were great. She also helped me find a scooter and an apartment. If you are looking for work in Taoyuan, I would definitely recommend using Sandra as a recruiter. her experience and connections in this field will make your working life a lot easier.


Gina Viner , USA

Sandra helped me to secure a job in Taiwan in the summer of 2012. Within a couple weeks of beginning my job search, I had interviewed via phone and Skype both with Sandra and with two of my future supervisors. The whole process was remarkably quick and easy, and I've been very pleased with my new job teaching in Taiwan. Sandra then walked me through the visa application process and was readily available over email and Skype throughout. She answered my questions promptly and made plans to meet me at the airport. When I arrived in Taiwan, Sandra picked me up, assisted me in finding a motel in which to stay my first night, and drove me to meet my employers the next morning. Sandra is trustworthy, kind, and professional. Thank you, Sandra! -Gina Viner


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