We made our application and hiring process easy and clear. So, no one will get lost in the process.

2. Application Process
2-1 Prepare Your Application
Press Apply and upload your resume, self-introduction video, and teaching demo to our HR staff.
It is recommended that you record your teaching demonstration video and a self-introduction video to make a good impression. Please speak clearly at a good volume in the videos. 

2-2 Schedule an Online Interview
The next stage is the interview. After reviewing your resume, we will send you an invitation email.
Our agency will match your qualifications and requirements for the best teaching job possible.
We will also guide you every step of the way.We will arrange a face-to-face meeting or discuss the job opening(s) with you.

  • We will send you the list, the package, and the locations of your choosing.
  • We will arrange a face-to-face meeting or discuss the job opening(s) with you.
  • It might take a few days, but we will inform you of the interview result and send improvement tips if applicable.

  • Following the interview, we will talk with you about the job opening(s). Feel free to ask them any questions you may have.

2-3 Getting the Job
Once you have secured a job:

  • Please read the entire contract carefully and send the signed page back to us for the work permit application.

  • The processing time is about 2-3 weeks depending on the workload of the Ministry of Education.

  • Occasionally, we are asked to provide additional information, which might take longer.

  • Once we receive the e-work permit, we will e-mail it to you for the visa application.

    Visa application link:

2-4 Receiving Your Work Permit
A work permit is required to start teaching. Phoenix Group Asia will handle all the paperwork. All you need to do is send copies of the following: a photo of yourself, your university degree, a teaching license, a passport, and a criminal background check, all of which will be sent to your school, notarized, and then submitted to Taiwan’s Ministry of Education. This process takes around 10 to 14 days to complete.

2-5 Discuss Housing Options
Your Phoenix Group Asia coordinator will contact you about housing options. We will ask you about your budget, preferences, and needs. All potential locations will be within walking distance of your school.  

2-6 Booking Your Airplane Ticket

Next, you will need to book your flight. This part is the teacher's responsibility, so please be sure that you book it correctly. Your flight ticket will be reimbursed according to your contract, so remember to save your itinerary, receipt, and boarding pass to give to your school for reimbursement.

2-7 Before departure

  • Pack your private insurance policy information.
  • Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six or more months before your departure.
    If your passport is new (less than 12 months old) please also bring your old passport with you.

  • Bring at least US$1,500 in cash with you when you come to Taiwan.Be sure to bring new bills. Note: South African Rand Cash cannot be exchanged at any banks in Taiwan. Please check with us if you bring other currencies.
    Be sure to bring new bills.
    Note: South African Rand Cash cannot be 
    exchanged at any banks in Taiwan. Please check with us if you bring other currencies.

  • 6 passport-sized photos, please follow the picture guidelines as follows: white background, glossy, ears are not covered, 2 inches, taken within 6 months. (if not applicable, you can get them in Taiwan.)

  • Bring your smartphone here. And please ensure it is unlocked/ Jailbrokenand able to accept a local SIM card.

  • Please bring your ID and/or international or driver's license or others with your photo on it. You will need it to drive in Taiwan.

  • The airport is the best place to buy a new SIM card before you have an ARC. You can try the 1-month plan for NT $1,000  with unlimited data.

  • PORK products of any kind, including cooked or vacuumed-bagged, spices, meat buns from the airport, instant noodles, etc. are strictly prohibited.

  • Any plants that could possibly sprout in Taiwan, including garlic, are strictly prohibited.

  • Do your money exchange at the airport with the flat currency.

  • Remember to inform your bank that you will be living in Taiwan. You can only withdraw $500 US equivalent daily at a local ATM machine.

  • Customs will need an exact location for your quarantine. We will provide it before your departure.

  • Prescriptions: if applicable, bring as much as possible. Prescriptions are not always the same or as easy to fill.

  • The voltage here is 100-120 volts.
  • The weather is very hot in the summer and winter sometimes is cold. Your dress code will be given individually based on the position and the contract.
  • Be sure to bring your vaccination record for measles, mumps and rubella if applicable. Save time and money.

  • Airfare Reimbursement:
    The school will reimburse the one-way ticket after your arrival, the time for the reimbursement varies based on the actual contract.

  • A boarding pass is required for reimbursement arrival, the time for the reimbursement varies based on the actual contract. If the airlines did not issue a boarding pass, make sure to keep all the information about your boarding. Submit them to your school. 

2-8 At the TPE Airport

  • Make sure your cell phone is unlocked so you will not need to buy another phone. 

  • Fines for bringing pork products are NTD 200,000 minimum.
    Offenders will not be given any chance to discard the products! 

  • You will need to check if your name is correct on the claimed bags.
    In case of any bag-related damages, you will need to file them right away.
    The airlines will not accept any complaints after you have left the carousel.

  • When you have any unaccompanied luggage by cargo or air, you must file it under the red lines at customs, or you voluntarily give up the NT 20,000 tax-free quota.

  • Please purchase a SIM card, exchange your money, then take a taxi to the hotel.

2-9 Welcome to Taiwan

  • You need to do a health check before starting work.

  • The school will get you on their payroll and provide you with health and labor insurance.

  • When in doubt, check your contract.

  • As a foreign teacher, your school(s) will require you to submit weekly, monthly, and semesterly lesson plans and fill out many types of forms.
    Remember that you are required to do your lesson planning. 

  • No excessive personal activities are permitted during working hours. Excessive personal phone calls, gaming, or any inappropriate activities are subject to reprimands. 

  • Respect your co-teachers, directors, and principals. If you maintain a good and professional relationship with them, your Taiwan experience will be great. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the technology. All classrooms and schools are well-equipped with technology now. If you don't like texting or using a smartphone, you might be the last one to be informed of the latest changes.

  • We know that many of you do not speak or read Chinese. Our agency will keep you informed of the latest important policies.

  • Speak in a clear and calm manner while teaching and communicating with coworkers. If you have a temper, please refrain from showing it. If you lose your temper in the workplace, you need to apologize in a timely manner if you wish to maintain a good relationship with your coworkers. On the other hand, if anyone shouts at you, please try to record the talk, and get us involved.

  • Dress code: business casual. In Confucianism, teachers are still very respected and must maintain a certain image.
    Note: Any provocative clothing, excessive make-up (eyeliner or smokey make-up), cologne, and perfume are prohibited. If you have visible tattoos, please try to conceal them as tattooing is often associated with mafiosos or gang members in Taiwan.